My plant did not come with a shot glass. What should I do?
Some of our products are sold without a shot glass. Please follow the care instructions on the tag. If the care instructions reference a shot glass, and your plant did not come with one, please use a regular shot glass (1 oz) and pour 3x for each SimpleShotâ„¢.

My shot glass and care instructions say different than the website. Which do I follow?
Please follow the instructions that came with your plant

Can I buy one of your plants online or at your greenhouse?
We sell wholesale only and we are not open to the public. Please call or email us to find out where you can buy a ColorOrchid and we will be happy to help.


All the flowers of my orchid have fallen off. Is this normal?
This is completely normal; however, it should only happen after 6-8 weeks. If it happened sooner, then please consult with the “Care Help” section of our website to determine what is wrong. Orchids are plants with bloom cycles. In nature, colder temperatures cause the plants reproductive buds to elongate which develops into a spray of flowers to attract insects. After a few months, these blooms will fall, in both nature and your home.

Once the flowers fall, and the stem dies, will my orchid re-bloom?
There is a not a clear yes or no answer to this question. It depends on how you care for your orchid and also the climate inside your home.

How should I water my orchid once the blooms have fallen?
Continue to water on the same schedule with the same amount, according to the instruction on your shot glass or care card.

How do I get my orchid to re-bloom?
Once the blooms fall, and the stem has turned brown, feel free to cut the stem 1 inch from the base of the plant with disinfected scissors or a knife. Save the stake and clip. Place your orchid in a warm area, with low to medium light. After several months, and after a few new leaves have grown, move your orchid to a cooler place with medium light and wait for re-bloom! Once the first bud begins to open, you can re-stake your orchid.

Do I need to feed my orchid?
It is not necessary to feed your orchid. If you do wish to feed your orchid, try using a compound fertilizer such as a 15-5-15 or 20-20-20 ratio.

I am having pest problems. What should I do?
It depends on the particular pest but we do not recommend using any harmful chemicals. You can find neem oil at your local home improvement store and this should do the trick for most pest problems.


All the flowers of my anthurium have fallen off. Is this normal?
Once the flowers fall will my anthurium re-bloom?

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