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Phalaenopsis Orchids

Our Phalaenopsis orchids are bred as clones using Dutch varieties. This gives our orchids the best chance of growing multiple spikes with more flowers on a consistent basis. We offer a more diverse mix than most growers as we focus on unique varieties and colors. Our Phalaenopsis orchids are grown for 1.5 years in our greenhouse from tissue culture. We take every measure to guarantee quality. This is different from most growers who only spike and resell Chinese imported plants. We grow our orchids in a modern, glass greenhouse with heating, air conditioning, humidity control, and light control. This ensures the best quality plant possible.

We sell ColorOrchid mixes or custom mixes of our Phalaenopsis products. A ColorOrchid mix has an assortment of orchids from 6 different color groups and spike numbers.

Our 6 color groups are:

Our Phalaenopsis orchids are available in the following sizes:
2 inch (custom order*)
3 inch
5 inch
Centerpieces (sizes vary*)

*Decorative ceramics are also available for any size.