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  • Anthurium

    Our anthurium comes in a 4″ pot and we grow dutch varieties that produce more, smaller flowers, with full foliage.

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  • Paphiopedilum

    The Paphiopedilum Orchid (Lady Slipper Orchid) is a rare, exotic plant that takes over 5 years to grow.

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  • Phalaenopsis

    Our Phalaenopsis orchids are grown for one and a half years at our greenhouse from tissue culture.

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  • Succulents

    We grow a collection of echeveria, sempervivum, and aloe varieties that are designed to survive in desert like climates.

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View Our Collections

  • Belita Collection

    The Artist collection features designs using painted succulents and make the perfect holiday gift.

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  • Grande Collection

    The Grande lives up to its name, after 2 years in our greenhouse, its spray of giant flowers stands 36” above the ground.

    View Grande Collection
  • Multiflora Collection

    A multiflora is a bouquet of living flowers.

    View Multiflora Collection
  • Singolo Collection

    The first one-flowered orchid. Its extraordinary appearance is preceded by a lengthy selection and development process.

    View Singolo Collection
  • Gem Collection

    Each of our gems is created with time and care, paying close attention to detail.

    View Gem Collection
  • Garden Collection

    We offer a number of different types of gardens and can create customized gardens according to your specifications.

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  • Decor Potted Collection

    Our decorative pots come in a number of different styles and can be sold exclusively to help differentiate your products.

    View Decor Potted Collection
  • Architect Collection

    The plants in our Architect series have been hand crafted into unique shapes over a 20 week period.

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We develop unique designs that differentiate our customers & give consumers value through the longevity of their plants. Sell Our Orchids