Airplants are a genus known as Tillandsia of around 650 varieties and species. The plant receives moisture and nutrients from the air and therefore, does not need soil to grow. Caring for airplants is very simple. Simply follow our care tips to ensure they stay as healthy…

Be wise about watering

Air plants like high humidity but do not require traditional watering. Airplants receive moisturefrom the air and many varieties can go weeks or months without watering. We recommend spraying (or misting) your air plants once a week. It best to spray or mist your plants early in the morning.

Consider the lighting

Place your Air Plants in indirect sunlight and avoid direct sunlight. In nature, many air plant species grow under the shady canopy of trees.

Find the right environment

Air plants love warm weather. Protect your plants from anything colder than 45°F as they can die at those temperatures. You can keep your air plant outdoors all year if you keep it dry and above 45 F.

Surviving without plant food

We advise against fertilizing your air plants as the risk of harming your plant is greater than helping it.

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