Succulents prefer direct light and require lots of it. Succulents naturally survive in the desert with direct sun. Some varieties are more light sensitive than others. The amount of light the succulent can handle is also dependent on temperature. If it is too hot, the succulent is more likely to get sun damage. Succulents will show you whether they are receiving too little light or too much light. Succulents that don’t receive enough light will “stretch”. Succulents that are receiving too much light will begin to show burning with brown or “burnt” leaves. If your succulents are stretching, move your succulents to a spot with more light and/or try rotating (just turning the pot) your succulents periodically so it experiences even light. If your succulents are burning, try moving your succulent away from the light. Be careful not to put your succulent in too dark of a place. Remember! Once you have moved your succulent your water schedule will probably need to change. Succulents receiving more light will require more water and succulents receiving less light will require less water.


Do not over water your succulent. If you think your succulent needs water, wait a few more days. Always check the soil for moisture before you water. If the soil is moist, do not water. It is normal to wait weeks between waterings. Leave the succulent in its usual spot after watering. Do not try moving it into more or less sun. To water your succulent - put your succulent, along with the decorative pot, in a sink. Remove the succulent from the decorative pot and fill up the decorative pot with water. Place the succulent back in the decorative pot. Water will spill out but now the succulent is submerged in water. Leave the succulent there for the majority of the day. Before you place the succulent back in its usual spot, remove the succulent again and dump the excess water from its decorative pot.


Succulents can tolerate extreme temperatures better than most plants. They prefer an arid climate – meaning high temperature and low humidity. The climate tolerance varies between succulent varieties and, as a general rule of thumb, the “softer” the succulent is, the more sensitive it is. Avoid extreme temperatures when choosing a spot for your succulent. It is best to keep your succulent between 55 and 85 degrees. When a succulent gets cold damage or freezes, it will appear be melting. The leaves will turn mushy and discolor white and brown. Unfortunately, once a succulent has frozen, there is little you can do. You can try pruning all the dead leaves and if there are some healthy leaves left – leave those and see if your succulent makes a recovery!


Succulents are hardy plants and do not grow too quickly. We advise against fertilizing your succulents as the risk of harming your plant is greater than helping it. If you do wish to fertilizer your succulents, try using osmocote or another slow release fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the package carefully. If you wish to use an organic fertilizer, there are many recipes you can find online.


You do not have to re-pot your succulent but if you would like to make sure you select a pot that is a little bigger than the one you currently have. It should only be a few inches wider in diameter and a few inches taller. Repeat this process every few months or every year. If you re-pot your succulent in too large of a pot, there will be too much extra soil and it will not dry properly. When selecting a soil, use a succulent substrate mix with lots of drainage.

Pests and Diseases

Succulents do not get pests or diseases easily. Pests and diseases are difficult to control without the use of harmful chemicals. We recommend treating for pest and diseases in very simple ways. If you begin to see scale, aphids, mealy bug, or other types of pests on your succulents, trying washing your succulent with alcohol based wipes. If you begin to see symptoms of a disease on your succulents, such as browning spots, try watering your succulent less and remove any infected leaves.

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