Anthurium prefer medium, indirect light. Anthurium live naturally and survive best in tropical conditions. Your anthurium should be producing more flowers as it grows but if it’s not, it’s possible that it is not receiving sufficient light. Direct light can burn the leaves of the plant. If you begin to see burning, move the plant away further from the direct light.


It is best to water your Anthurium once a week but if it begins to show symptoms of under watering, it is ok to water twice a week. Check the soil for moisture before deciding to water. It is best to let the soil dry completely between waterings. You can spray or mist your plant with water but it is not required.

One day after watering, remove the Anthurium from the decorative pot and check for standing water. Dump out any excess water from the decorative pot. If your Anthurium becomes too dry, the leaves and flowers will begin to wilt.


We advise against fertilizing your anthurium as the risk of harming your plant is higher than helping it. If you do wish to fertilizer your anthurium, try using osmocote or another slow release fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the package carefully. If you wish to use an organic fertilizer, there are many recipes you can find online.


Many orchid owners desire to bring back the blooms of their orchids. While there are few easy tricks, it can often take months before getting your orchid to re-bloom, and even then, its not guaranteed. The chances of your orchid re-blooming is determined by its age, which is measured by the number of leaves. Every leaf of your orchid has a reproductive bud which can turn into a spray of flowers.

This leaf must be mature and usually requires to have a minimum of two leaves above it before it can spike. We recommend cutting the orchid stem above one of its "nodes" to encourage the plant to grow a branch with flowers. This will often work and provide you with a few more flowers. If this doesn't work, cut the stem a few inches from the base of the plant and keep your orchid in warm conditions.

Continue to water according to the supplied care instructions and after several months, move your orchid someplace with more light and is a little cooler (60 - 65 degrees). It will take up to 6 weeks before you begin to see a stem at the base of the plant.

Pests and Diseases

Anthurium are very resistant to diseases and pests. To keep your plant free of disease, make sure that your plant is not being overwatered and never sitting in water. If you begin to see brown roots, it is possible that you are experiencing root rot. If you see this, water your plant less frequently.

We recommend treating for pest and diseases in very simple ways. If you begin to see scale, aphids, mealy bug, or other type of pests on your succulents, trying washing your entire anthurium with alcohol wipes.

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