There are more than 20,000 species of orchids, and contrary to popular belief, they are extremely easy to look after, yet many homeowners flounder by overwatering or putting orchids in the wrong place.

But with the right care, these charming and charismatic orchids can give a long-lasting flower display.

All plants in the orchid family (Orchidaceae) have the same flower structure – they are made up of three sepals and three petals. The middle petal, slightly larger and with a different shape, is called the lip. The lip serves as a platform for insects to easily reach the heart of the flower, whilst the heart contains the pollen cluster, also called the stamen.

Simply follow our top tips to ensure they stay healthy for as long as possible...

Pick your pot carefully

Orchids are a much better value than cut flowers if you look at the cost per day of having flowers in your home. After your blooms have fallen, we recommend purchasing a new orchid to replace it. It takes a long time to grow orchids inside a greenhouse at high temperatures and high humidity levels. If you wish to repot your orchid, find bark from a local garden center and

pot into a larger pot that is only 1-2" larger than your current pot.

Be careful not to damage the roots when repotting. You may keep the original substrate to avoid damaging the roots. Alternatively, you can remove the old substrate from around the roots. Cut off all dead roots.

Tips & Tricks

Wait until the blooms have fallen so as to not disrupt the plant. Once you have potted your plant, it is advisable to re-pot every two years or so in the spring to give your orchid the best potential to flourish again.

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